Sell Gold and Diamonds


buy-sellShipping away valuable pieces of precious metal to unknown companies can be risky. Kambourian Jewelers buys precious metals, giving personalized service and attention to each customer. And unlike the giant “cash for gold” Internet or mail-in services, Kambourian is a local company that is easy to work with and will get you three to four times more cash back than what the mail-in services can offer.

Kambourian Jewelers accepts any and all precious metals, be it old broken jewelry, dental materials, investment coins or bullion. You can securely ship your metals to Kambourian and have an offer and cash payment within 24 hours. Payment options include cash, certified check or wire transfers.

If you have any questions regarding the buy and sell process at Kambourian, please visit or call one of the Richmond-area locations. You can also try using our on-site Gold Calculator for a personal estimate.