Sell Gold Richmond VA: Kam10553391_10152487725751977_4993304716560508104_nbourian Jewelers is regarded as the strongest buyer of designer Jewelry in Virginia.  Kambourian Jewelers’ reputation as a premier buyer of gold, silver, diamonds and coins has allowed them to expand their reach nation wide. Dealers and private sellers all over the country have benefited from their ability to make seamless transactions quickly and confidentially. Kambourian Jewelers makes the selling process a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Sell Gold Richmond VA


Caption Goes HereKambourian Jewelers buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have one small broken diamond, a large fancy colored diamond, or anything in between. Kambourian Jewelers’ expert diamond graders will personally evaluate each diamond, and base its value on the current market as well as color, cut, clarity, polish, symmetry, size and florescence. Also given consideration is the maker of the piece as well. Name brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston, Old Tiffany & Co, etc. are premium brands and are valued as such. After careful inspection and valuation is complete we will make a firm offer with an explanation of how we came to the dollar amount on each item you wish to sell. We make immediate payment, and you are under no obligation to sell.

Art DecJewelry Stores Richmond VAo estate jewelry in mint condition is very rare and valuable. It is important not to sell these items without having a proper evaluation by and expert appraiser. Never sell fine jewelry without taking the time to learn the full value.

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