Sell Diamond Ring Richmond VA

Sell Diamond Ring Richmond VA

 Kambourian Jewelers is regarded as the strongest buyer of diamond Jewelry in Virginia. The Kambourian reputation has allowed them to expand their reach nation wide. Dealers and private sellers all over the country have benefited from their ability to make seamless transactions quickly and confidentially. Kambourian Jewelers is a buyer of diamonds of every shape and variety. Kambourian Jewelers buys diamonds in any condition. If you have chipped, broken, or scratched diamonds we will buy it! Kambourian Jewelers specializes in diamond repair. This requires careful planning to recover the largest stone possible, while making the cut grade as desirable as possible. We buy diamonds specifically for recut. We do not buy newly mined diamonds, and avoid buying from suppliers who buy rough diamonds and polish them for resale in America.


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Kambourian Jewelers buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have one small broken diamond or a single large colored diamond.  Kambourian Jewelers’ expert diamond grader will personally value every diamond individually by carefully inspecting the diamond base its value on the current market price. Kambourian Jewelers grades color, cut, clarity, polish, symmetry, size and florescence. Please note any damage (chips, breaks, or scratches)  in the comment box. 

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Kambourian Jewelers is currently looking for diamonds over 5 carats. We are aggressively buying large Round Brilliant cuts and Oval diamonds.