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Kambourian Buys Large Diamonds

Kambourian Buys Large Diamonds

Kambourian Jewelers is regarded as the strongest buyer of large diamonds in Virginia. Kambourian buys large diamonds over 2.00 ct. and bases their offer on true market values. Kambourian Jewelers will pay the highest price for type IIa diamonds, rare colored diamondJewelry Stores Richmond VAs, and 10+ carat diamonds, if you own a type IIa diamond and want to sell, or just take an offer please click here for an immediate quote. The Kambourian reputation has allowed them to expand their reach nationwide. Dealers and private sellers all over the country have benefited from their ability to make seamless transactions quickly and discreetly.

Kambourian buys large diamonds

Type IIa diamonds make up 1–2% of all natural diamonds (1.8% of gem diamonds). These diamonds are almost or entirely devoid of impurities, and consequently are usually colorless and have the highest thermal conductivity. They are very transparent in ultraviolet, down to 230 nm. Occasionally, while Type IIa diamonds are being extruded towards the surface of the Earth, the pressure and tension can cause structural anomalies arising through plastic deformation during the growth of the tetrahedral crystal structure, leading to imperfections.


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Kambourian buys large diamonds and small diamonds of all shapes, colors, and clarities . It doesn’t matter if you have one small broken diamond, a large fancy colored diamond, or anything between. Kambourian Jewelers expert diamond graders will personally evaluate each diamond. They carefully inspect the diamond and base the  value on current market prices. The buyer will consider the maker of the piece as well. Name brands such as Cartier, Harry Winston, Old Tiffany & Co, etc are premium brands and are valued as such. After  careful inspection they will make a firm offer and  explain the way they came to the dollar amount on each item you wish to sell. We make immediate payment, and you are under no obligation to sell.



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If you’ve noticed that Kambourian Jewelers is looking a little different lately, it’s because we are! With a new logo and website, our look has moved from mundane and drab to sleek, fun and bold! Go ahead and check out at our new logo with its ultra-contemporary update. And feel free to browse our new, easy-to-navigate website, highlighting our hand-crafted jewelry, one-of-a-kind services and information on how to buy/sell gold. We are very excited to have a fresh new look that stays true to the history of our brand.


Here’s to making bold statements this holiday season!

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