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Jewelry Repair Midlothian, Va

Jewelry Repair Midlothian, VA

What To Do If Your Jewelry Repair Doesn’t Last

Jewelry repair is an expensive process, and when a repair job is less than satisfactory you’ve not only wasted time, but money too! Spending money on something that won’t last obviously isn’t on any of our to do lists, but we can’t always tell if our repairs will last the minute we get them back. If your jewelry repair doesn’t last, there are a few steps you can take to fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Kambourian Jewelers which handles Jewelry Repair in Midlothian, VA shares the things you can do if this happens to you.

The first thing you should always do the minute you receive a repaired piece of jewelry is to make sure there aren’t any blatantly obvious signs of negligence or mishandling. These “obvious signs” show that the jeweler didn’t take their time with the job and most likely missed important details that will help your jewelry look good and last longer. There are a few things to look out for when first getting your jewelry back from getting repaired that can tell you a lot about the quality of the job, and whether or not the repairs will last. 

The two most common mistakes that can be seen with a naked eye are in the prong repairs and ring sizing. Let’s start by addressing what some common mistakes are in repairing the prongs. If the prongs have visible blobs on the end of them, this is a red flag! This means that the repairman did not take the extra effort to blend it back into its original shape, and instead stopped where he was working and poorly molded it to finish the job faster. It’s also important to check the soldering on the base of the prong. If it appears sloppy or discolored it’s a sign that the jeweler didn’t take their time or focus on detail. Lastly, if the actual stone shows any signs of cracks or damage do not accept it! This can lead to the damage snowballing and completely ruining your piece. 

Sloppy repair jobs can also be spotted in the sizing of the ring fairly easily. Keep an eye out for markings that haven’t been polished out when the job is finished. The other thing to keep in mind is that your ring shank, the part of the ring that connects the top to the physical ring, should be the exact same width as when the repair job started. If it isn’t, it could show signs of faster deterioration due to mishandling!

Say that you find one or more of the problems mentioned above when picking up your piece from the jeweler. What’s the next step? The first thing you should do is address the issues you see. This means documenting everything you see wrong or different than when you brought it in originally. The next step would be to contact the company that originally did the repairs. Not all mistakes are made out of haste or negligence, but simple human error. Sometimes the jeweler will be happy to take your piece back and fix the errors with no problem! In this case, that’s the end of the line and the mistakes have been fixed.

In other cases, where the jeweler refuses to fix the mistakes they made, it may be best to get a quote from another reputable jeweler. Bringing the quote back to the original jeweler shows them you did more research and have a professional opinion about what went wrong. A second jeweler may consider fixing the problems for you. If they offer to fix the problem, great!  Have the new jeweler address the issues created by the old jeweler, and, if possible, contact the Better Business Bureau in order to get retribution for the poor repair job. You can’t let a jeweler who messed up your repair job do the same to their other customers!

The most important part of ensuring your jewelry repair lasts is to check for any signs of mishandling or negligence. If you take the necessary steps at the beginning of the repair process to make sure it is done correctly, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and worry when the poor craftsmanship comes back to bite!