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Jewelry Repair Mechanicsville VA

Jewelry Repair Mechanicsville, VA

Is costume jewelry worth spending the time and energy repairing? You have probably asked yourself this question before. Costume jewelry started way back in the 80’s, when people would wear this out for day to day activities and keep their more valuable pieces locked away for special events. Though it is a lot cheaper than the real deal, it usually doesn’t look much different. For this reason, it may be worth repairing your costume jewelry, but there are some questions you should ask yourself first. Kambourian Jewelers who do a lot of Jewelry Repair in Mechanicsville, VA offers to help you answer these questions, and will explain whether or not costume jewelry repair is worth it.

Repairing costume jewelry all depends on your personal interest in the pieces. Ask yourself what the jewelry means to you. Do you wear this piece to special events? Do you enjoy wearing it with most of your outfits? If it’s something you wear pretty frequently and have a sort of attachment to, it would make sense to repair it! Though costume jewelry is cheaper than other options, they can still be unique and hard to find pieces. If you like a specific piece of costume jewelry you have two valid options. You can try fixing it yourself at home, or you can take it to a jeweler who offers to repair this type of jewelry.

One risk you can take is repairing your costume jewelry yourself. This may seem like an affordable and easy option, but the majority of people who have tried this method have found that it ends in disaster! For starters, repairing your own jewelry, costume or otherwise, can ruin or break the piece with one misstep. The next thing to consider is whether or not you have the correct materials. Most people that try home remedies turn to glue. For the short term, glue works great at keeping your jewelry together. As you may have guessed, however, this is not a long term solution by any means. In most cases, you will probably end up spending just as much time, energy, and even money on repairing your costume jewelry that a professional jeweler would. Home remedies may work for the short term, but consider professional advice for bigger problems or permanent fixes.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve decided that you want to repair your costume jewelry professionally. So how much will this end up costing? In some cases, costume jewelry can be more difficult to repair than the real deal. This is because the jeweler will most likely be experienced in repairing diamonds and metals, while with costume jewelry it could be a different material every time. This could add some numbers to your bill, as even skilled jewelers will need to take extra time to ensure that they are repairing your piece to the best of their ability. A few different materials, such as special glue and cement, are sometimes required in order to do the job right. In this case, the cost may be even higher!

If you’d rather not risk it by fixing your jewelry at home, don’t be afraid of the cost of getting it professionally done! What should you expect when you go to a jeweler for costume jewelry repair? For the most part, although special materials may be needed, costume jewelry repairs are extremely cheap. Some jewelers offer repairs starting at as little as $10, and can go up to $50 (depending on the damage).

Whether or not repairing your costume jewelry is a good idea depends on your own personal attachment to the piece. Although of course costume jewelry is less expensive than real diamonds and metals, it can hold the same sentimental value as the real thing! Though home remedies may seem like an easy way to save on repairs, if you are looking for a long term solution to a serious issue with your piece, take it to a professional to assess the situation. Costume jewelry is extremely common nowadays, and because of this repairs are often needed. There are plenty of jewelers who offer repair services to those with broken or worn costume jewelry, so if you need a piece repaired, don’t be afraid to ask!