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Jewelry Repair on High Value Jewelry


Jewelry Repair Hanover, VA

Jewelry repairs come in all different forms and can range from extremely cheap to wildly expensive. If you have a piece of jewelry that is high in value it would make sense to spend a lot in order to get the best repair job possible, right? Though more costly repairs can sometimes depict how well the job is done, there are more concrete things to look out for and expect when getting high value jewelry repaired (other than the price tag!) Kambourian Jewelers that provide Jewelry Repair in Hanover, VA takes us through some of the important do’s and don’ts of repairing high value jewelry.

The first thing to do is to decide when the best time to repair your piece is. The easiest answer is this: repair your valuable jewelry the minute you see a problem or deformity! The last thing you need is for the problem to snowball and get worse. Cracks, tears, and other visible damages should be addressed immediately in order to stop something far worse (and expensive) from happening. Even if there aren’t any visible damages, having your more valuable jewelry inspected once or twice a year will only help ensure you’re getting a long lasting and timeless piece.

Before you even approach the repairing stage of expensive jewelry there are preventative steps you can take in order to protect your jewelry and your wallet. Keep an eye out for warranties and jewelry insurance for the pieces that are most valuable to you, as these will be critical in getting inexpensive repairs. Upon purchasing a new piece it may be a good idea to look into warranty options. This allows for a faster repair process, and ensures that the same jeweler that sold you the piece will be doing the repairs. Some jewelers will even offer a lifetime guarantee that includes an annual cleaning and inspection! Make sure to jump on that opportunity, as getting your expensive pieces checked up frequently is crucial to having the best looking jewelry possible!

The next step is making sure your valuable jewelry is insured. This can be in both dollar value and sentimental value! Insuring something that is valuable to you should be a no brainer! Insurance protects your jewelry from damage, loss, or even theft. As jewelry repairs can be expensive, especially for higher valued pieces, insurance helps cover the costs and gives you some peace of mind. There are, however, a few questions you should ask yourself before springing for any insurance plan. The first thing to ask is what exactly it covers, and the answer should include repairs! Any accidental damage, or even loss, should be covered by the insurance plan as to save you the hassle of dishing out huge sums of cash to save your piece! The next question to ask is how much the insurance should cost. This depends on a lot of factors including the true value of the piece you’re looking to insure, as well as the company you do business through. Put simply, though, insurance for jewelry can, and probably should, cost as little as one to two percent of the piece’s value. Finally, ask yourself if the piece is already under warranty. This is somewhat of a trick question because even if the jewelry has a warranty it should be insured! Though warranties protect against damage, most will not cover the entire repair costs that are associated with specific types of damage.

The best way to repair high valued jewelry is to educate yourself on the steps that can be taken to ease the repair process. Ask yourself questions like “how valuable is this piece to me” as well as “how much will it cost if it needs a repair”. You should also look into both warranties, which can be added to the bill upon purchasing a new piece, as well as insurance, which can be purchased at any time! Taking preventative measures before problems arise will not only save you headaches and hassle, but also time and money! Don’t be fooled by high repair price tags, as they do not always guarantee the best repair job. Though it sounds silly, it’s important to remind yourself that the quality of the repair is much more important than the quantity on the price tag.