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How to find out if your jewelry is gold

Richmond’s most affordable source for X-ray analysis of precious metals and minerals.
Why have your jewelry tested using X-ray Analysis?

XRF X-ray Analyzer is extremely accurate and non destructive way to test your jewelry for gold, silver, and platinum content as well as other alloys that the metal contains. 

We can help you identify whether or not your jewelry contains nickel, which is the most common cause allergic reaction to the wearer.  
X-ray analysis allows you to have a printed report on the gold, silver, or platinum content of your jewelry which will help you determine value and assist in selling or or settling your estate and costs half the price of a formal appraisal.  
Test coins for metal content. 
 Test and authenticate provenance on old photographs based on silver content and other elements. 
   Scrap metal sorting
 mining and exploration.  We can help you analyze minerals on land before making land purchases.  
How it works

In Person: 
Bring in the item or sample to be tested. Testing takes a few minutes and you leave with a detailed report of metal/mineral content
By mail: 
Pay for the test online
Send item or sample to: 
We will email results and send a paper copy back with sample
We can come to you.  
Our hand held XRF Xray Spectrometer is perfect for 
mining and exploration on your land. Can analyze minerals on you land Pre or post purchase.
For large coin hoard or estates
for valuable or fragile pieces that you don’t want to travel with
xray paint and material samples in old houses
In Person: $45.00/ test
Through the Mail
$45.00 plus shipping
We come to you: 
Please call for pricing 
Discounts available for multiple tests.